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Ship Pilotage

Pilots with local knowledge have been employed on board ships for centuries to guide vessels into or out of port safely - or wherever navigation may be considered hazardous, particularly when a shipmaster is unfamiliar with the area. In addition to local knowledge and expertise, pilots are able to provide effective communication with the shore and with tugs, often in the local language. Qualified pilots are usually employed by the local port or maritime administration and provide their services to ships for a fee, calculated in relation to the ship's tonnage, draught or other criteria.

The importance of employing qualified pilots in approaches to ports and other areas where specialized local knowledge is required was formally recognized by IMO in 1968 when the Organization adopted Assembly resolution A.159(ES.IV) Recommendation on Pilotage. The resolution recommends Governments organize pilotage services where they would be likely to prove more effective than other measures and to define the ships and classes of ships for which employment of a pilot would be mandatory.



Project Mobilization

We have such an experience to handle Project Mobilization within 10 years, especially in handling Oil and Gas material to mobilize its goods for supporting local and foreign company partners.


Sea Transportation

We provide sea transportation such as Tug and Barge, LCT or other kinds of vessel available or order by Customer, this services could be for Spot charter or time charter, we supported by our own vessel and good related to other ship’s owner company in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.


Ship Broker

To complete as the one-stop service Snepac Group has existed to provide Shipbroker, space, and the ship charter.



Ship Chandler

We Provide what the customers need and one of the services is ship chandler and food provision with a competitive market price.


Custom Clearance

We doing custom clearance for supporting shipments for Export and Import, we are also available to prepare customs documentation under Master List and Temporary Import Permit for the MIGAS project and under Free trade Authority. 


Freight Forwarding

Snepac Shipping has good relations with other agents in other countries to support our International line of freight forwarding for handling inbound and outbound services. 

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