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PT. Menara Shipping Agency (1)

PT. Menara Shipping Agency

PT MENARA SHIPPING AGENCY is private company engaged in shipping agency services. The agency’s aim is to provide service efficiently and effectively by offering a wide range of logistics solutions, shipping, and marine services to vessels, shipowners, ship managers, and traders. We can boast having personnel with a vast experience in the maritime profession. Our staff are the best combination of young, dynamic logistics professionals managed by supervisory staff. With a professional workforce, our company always prioritizes quality and quantity.


Our vision is to become a fast growing company and establish Ourselves as one of the leading shipping agencies in Indonesia, Thus becoming a focal point for customers.


Providing services of the highest quality in national and international market and establish good long term relationships with customers. Improve our human resource to be knowledgeable, skillful and professional staff. Give prime solution meet all marine related needs including, Towing/escorting, ship procurement, stevedoring/cargodoring, shipchandler, lashing/ unlashing, and trucking, both domestic and oversea customers.

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