PT. Spectrum Lintas Service

PT. Spectrum Lintas Service

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Based in BATAM, Riau Islands, Indonesia, SNEPAC Transport Group expertise have long operated in Indonesia and Neighbour Countries since 1986. SPECTRUM is a subsidiary of SNEPAC Group of companies, the leading specialist in Offshore Transport Logistic Solutions. SPECTRUM rapidly growing as a full-service provider in the regional market for maritime services.  Our projects range from routine and straightforward salvage and underwater operations.

Our success is due to our key added value: the synergy between the salvage experts, SNEPAC’s wide network, unrivaled engineering capacities and back-up potential. This synergy provides the basis for
our versatile and tailored solutions which distinguish us from our competitors.

Wreck Removal

Any kind of wreck removal operation is a unique project requiring a tailor-made approach. Our experience in this field is invaluable. The expertise, R&D facilities and unmatched engineering capability help us develop unique and smart solutions, which are also cost-effective and help protect the environment. Immediate action is essential when a wreck blocks a waterway or harbor entrance. We can provide a rapid response, backed-up by world-class equipment, to clear ports and waterways as quickly as possible.

Specialized equipment and engineering

Invention and innovation are in our blood, as every job is unique. Our experts are passionate about devising new solutions and are backed-up by engineering department. This think-tank always comes up with unique and effective solutions for the most challenging and complex technical problems. We have developed innovative and cost-saving solutions and equipment to complete projects which would have been unfeasible or excessively expensive when using conventional equipment.

Hydro graphic Surveying

As part of the SPECTRUM team the Hydro graphic surveyors provide another specialized service for its clients. The surveyors on staff have a range of national and international experience in hydro graphic surveying. This experience ranges from barometric surveys in Batu Ampar Port, Batam, to port dredging and proposed offshore pipelines. Survey equipment available for the hydro graphic surveys include state of the art GNSS equipment, survey vessel rated to 2C survey, dual frequency sounder and multi-beam sounder and reduction software.

With a wealth of experience and state of the art equipment, SPECTRUM hydro graphic team are able to provide clients with effective solutions and professional service.
Our Hydro graphic Services include: 

• Bathymetric surveys
• Seabed volume surveys
• Seabed pipeline investigations
• Progress and post dredge surveys
• Channel and harbor depth certification

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