PT. Batam Mitra Suplindo

PT. Batam Mitra Suplindo

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PT. Batam Mitra Suplindo is joined operation with PSA MARINE in promoting NTAA Nipah waters, with trust, confidence and a great deal of experience. We are also an exclusive partner with PELINDO 1, Indonesian Port Authority. With ample experience in marine activities, we hope to provide our clients with Peace in Minds in NTAA operations. PSA MARINE, PELINDO 1 and PT Batam Mitra Suplindo (BMS) are hand in hand providing best services available.

PT. Batam Mitra Suplindo, a local owned marine activities provider ensures its clients with best support available with dedicated team that includes CIQP comprehensions and marine knowledge. Together, we believe that our best services to our clients is our most important task on hand.PT. Batam Mitra Suplindo is working 24/7 to upgrade itself and improve to suit clients needs. Our concern is to be able to fully support all of our clients and so our vessel tracking systems is real time and readily on line 24 hours daily. Marine radio and satellite phones for quick flow of information are available to support our clients and operations personnel. With the Singapore Strait and Singapore port waters as some of the busiest in the world, an advanced VTIS Tracking (Vessel Traffic Information Service) is essential for the safe and efficient navigation of ships in Nipah waters, because its close with Singapore Strait.

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