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The company is engaged in ship agency services include the maintenance needs of the ship that will sail and which will be anchored in Batam. Ordinary needs met are as follows:

  1. Bunker Fuel
  2. Bunker Fresh Water
  3. Food Supply

A company that is engaged in the transportation, loading and unloading as well as providing a means of transporting large cargo capacity. Ordinary needs met are as follows :

  1. Crane Heavy Lift
  2. Loading Unloading
  3. Transportation

PT. Snepac Multiperkasa is the stevedoring company who are also provide a service such cargo handling, forwarding, storage, lifting handling, supply chain and cargo transportation. Established since 2005 until present, central head office in Batam Island Riau, Indonesia. With 24 hours service handling by professional and experience team. At PT. Snepac Multiperkasa we have a goalorientedvision that clearly identifies where we’re going and how we’re going to getthere. To be the leading Asia based logistics service provider, we continue to further develop our position as a global market leader in transport and logistics solutions.


The company is engaged in Export and Import of Goods both the Interior and Foreign Affairs. Can handle all licensing activities for export and import. Some documents are commonly handled by PT. Snepac Main Multindo are as follows:

Export documents:

  • PEB
  • Re-exports 

Import documents:

  • PIB
  • BC 2.3
  • PIB Master list
  • PIB Pay 


  • BC 4.0
  • BC 2.5
  • PIBT

Based in BATAM, Riau Islands, Indonesia, SNEPAC Transport Group expertise have long operated in Indonesia and Neighbour Countries since 1986. SPECTRUM is a subsidiary of SNEPAC Group of companies, the leading specialist in Offshore Transport Logistic Solutions. SPECTRUM rapidly growing as a full-service provider in the regional market for maritime services.  Our projects range from routine and straightforward salvage and underwater operations.

Our success is due to our key added value: the synergy between the salvage experts, SNEPAC’s wide network, unrivaled engineering capacities and back-up potential. This synergy provides the basis for
our versatile and tailored solutions which distinguish us from our competitors.

Wreck Removal

Any kind of wreck removal operation is a unique project requiring a tailor-made approach. Our experience in this field is invaluable. The expertise, R&D facilities and unmatched engineering capability help us develop unique and smart solutions, which are also cost-effective and


Snepac Group of companies is a national marine transportation which has been acknowledged and recognized in shipping agency including cargo, tug and barge,supply vessel both Indonesian and foreign flagged vessel. Supported by vast experience, sufficient facilities, competent qualified and professional staff we can provide customs clearance services, ship to ship,stevedoring and cargo-doring, trucking and transferring services to satisfy our customer's needs and satisfaction. In addition to our services, we have opened a layup services to facilitate our clients’ demand for their idle fleet. The shore base itself is close to the anchorage that we can visually monitor the layup vessels aside from our AIS and radar monitoring system. Snepac Group is ISO 9001 compliance management companies.

A company that meets the needs of airline tickets, hotel bookings and the provision of a package tour. Has an extensive network of cooperation to area attractions, golf courses and resorts both domestically and abroad.

Indonesia is moving towards a steady increase in Shipping Industry regionally and backed up by a rising global trade, PT. INTESCOMINDO established in 2001, continuously prepares and offers solutions for ANALITYCAL, TESTING, MARINE SURVEY and CARGO INSPECTION. We deliver extensive experiences and know how to better suit our valued customers’ requirements in an array of marine and cargo surveying field.  Supported by qualified and professional personnel, we guarantee customers’ satisfaction at its highest.

PT. INTESCOMINDO is always committed to perform to the best to give our customers peace of mind. Our commitment is always ready round the clock to meet customers’ requests.




  • General Marine Survey
  • Petrochemical

PT. Batam Mitra Suplindo is joined operation with PSA MARINE in promoting NTAA Nipah waters, with trust, confidence and a great deal of experience. We are also an exclusive partner with PELINDO 1, Indonesian Port Authority. With ample experience in marine activities, we hope to provide our clients with Peace in Minds in NTAA operations. PSA MARINE, PELINDO 1 and PT Batam Mitra Suplindo (BMS) are hand in hand providing best services available.

PT. Batam Mitra Suplindo, a local owned marine activities provider ensures its clients with best support available with dedicated team that includes CIQP comprehensions and marine knowledge. Together, we believe that our best services to our clients is our most important task on hand.PT. Batam Mitra Suplindo is working 24/7 to upgrade itself and improve to suit clients needs. Our concern is to be able to fully support all of our clients and so our vessel tracking systems is real time and readily on line 24 hours daily. Marine radio and satellite phones for


A subsidiary of Snepac Group

Nautilus was established to address on business challenges in the consulting industry in global emerging markets of Transport and Logistics as well as Oil and Gas Marine. Unlike most agencies that focus on traditional consumer research and analysis, our founders saw a profound need for supporting strategic decision-making for market growth and entry in a world where every business decision really matters.

With a team of experts who specializes in a wide array of global enterprise-wide solutions, we thrive to integrate traditional customer research with knowledge of the broader business eco-system, competitors and channels. Addressing integration of resources across departments; divisions and continents, we help clients overcome complex operational and financial issues, uncover new opportunities as well as factors such as minimizing risk and maximizing value with value-creation business models with indispensable tools for creating business plans, setting sales quotas, quantifying budgets and investments. Choosing our services will not be the last good decision you make.

A subsidiary of Snepac Group

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